Day Rate $1500

1/2 Day Rate $750

Hourly Rate $200

A Simple Comp For When You Just Need A Photographer. ..On The Go!

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RATES: (Not Just For Actors Simply Remove The Acting Specifics And Apply It To Your Needs)

Specializing In Actors Headshots & Being An Actor Myself, I've Come Up With The Greatest Payment Plan For Us Hardworking Creatives (see below). The Best Way To Secure What You Need!

Why Choose Tahir Coleman Photographi For Actors Headshots:

The Major Genres TV & FILM Cast For Are: Comedy, Action, Drama, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Musical. So Shouldn't Your Headshots Reflect One, If Not All? I Specialize In Making Sure You Look The Part, For The Part.


- Consultation

- 5 Hours Of Shooting

- All 7 Genre Specific Looks

- Outdoor & Indoor Shooting

- 10 Retouched Images


- Consultation

- 3 Hours Of Shooting

- 4 Genre Specific Looks

- Indoor Shooting

- 5 Retouched Images


- 1 Hour Of Shooting

- 2 Genre Specific Looks

- 3 Retouched Images


Turn Around Time: 2-3 Weeks On All Packages.

Bulk Imaging Taken During The Session & Proofs Will Be Kept For Viewing By Request For 6 Months After Shooting Date. Afterwards, The Session Will Expire & No Longer Exist.


PAYMENT PLAN: Pay Only 40% Of The Full Price To Shoot! A Non-Refundable 40% Deduction Of The Original Price Will Guarantee You Have Your Headshots Taken! Once The Remaining 60% Is Paid For, The Post-Work Of Your Session Will Begin With The Stated Turn Around Time, & You'll Have Your Headshots In No Time. No Interest. No Late Fees. No Penalty. No Rush! Take Your Time, Pay It Back Bit By Bit, Or Save And Whitney Houston The Joint. ..Allll At ONNcee!! :)

Ex; A Client Chooses $1000 Package. The Client Pays Only 40% of $1000 = $400 Non-Refundable. The Client Gets The Full Shoot For $400!! Two Months Later The Client Pays The Remaining $600 Dollars. Two Weeks Afterwards The Client Receives The Final Images After Previewing, Selecting, And SHIMMYING! The Client Is Happy. ..Be Like The Client.

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Full Weddings: $2000

Wedding or Reception Only: $1200

Fashion.Commercial.Editorial: Email With Details For Specific Pricing ($1500+)

Video 1080p HD Recording: Email With Details For Specific Pricing ($300-$1500+)

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